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Excel bulk import of Property Values

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We're using V2R1 and have the requirement to import a set of Properties for each applications which describe information from our previous office automation EA tools that we don't want to lose. So, Property Values needs to have the same short name on each application but import fails because of short name duplication.


What is the best way to do a bulk import of 5/6 properties with over 600 applications? Any ideas? We do not want to customize (yet) the metamodel and only have a Hopex web front end (no windows Hopex UI).


Attached an Excel template file of a failed experiment.


Thank you!


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Dear Hsoegaard,

I've used your excel file to connect Properties to IoT devices. It worked well!


Thank you!


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Thank you. I'll try to import property values using unique short names and renaming them later.

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The order of import is important. You must import and create the basic objects, like applications, Property Types, Property Values, before you link the objects together. Since you have no AbsID at the time of import, all the names also have to be unique. The Property Type you have one of each, for the Property Value, you one per Application you link them to. The excel file would look something similar to the attached