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HOPEX Information Architecture (1/3)


HOPEX Information Architecture.png


Business Information Map

New information maps are provided to describe referenced Data Domains used in enterprise transformation stages. Here a data domain pointing to another domain. 

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Question (using Hopex V3): @SarahMx 

I've created a Business Information Map and several Business Information Areas in it, each containing concepts.

When trying to create a link between the Business Information Areas I get the notification "Creation of link "Information Area Group Component. To-Information Area Group Component" is prohibited." (in right-bottom corner).

What am I doing wrong, or could it be profile related?

Hello Rudi,

Link between Information Area Group are derived from the relationship that can be exist between used objects.

For example in the following diagram. The used concept "Order" has a concept component to "Customer" concept. This is why the link is automatically generated  from "Ordering & payment" Information Area (or Concept Domain) to "Customer Management".


Best regards.



Thanks, adding the other concept as a Concept Component relation to concept indeed automatically generated the link.

Next step is to understand what this Concept Component relation means in Hopex, and apply the proper direction, which concept to have as component of the other concept.