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When will Duplication work for Application Environment Scenarios?

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in HOPEX V5 CP6 - Duplication feature does not copy Scenario of flows diagrams for the Application Environment metaclass.

Is this planned for CP7 or for V6 ?

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Fix on duplication has been made and will be released in next HF of Hopex Aquila (v6) and in Hopex v5 CP8.

Capability to duplicate an environment will be added in Hopex v5 CP8 also.

@PBessodes Any ETA on the fix to the issue you mentioned above?


Meanwhile, I think that to be able to duplicate an environment without having to create a new application would be useful. So we will study this possibilty.

Important note : we just discovered a bug in the duplication process for the scenario of flows: the subject (application in the center of environment) is not replaced by duplicated application (the source application is still used) in the new diagrams created. Before we deliver the fix, you will need to manually replace the object (open property page and in characteristics page, "participant" section, connect the new application).



@PBessodes  Thanks for the response.  That worked! Screenshot shows the App Environments which will be created as a New Copy.   Somehow, I did not notice this before.  Also I don't believe this is documented well.

In any case, this is really good to know about.  Thanks again.





In Hopex v5 CP6, duplication tool should duplicate Scenarios of flows for application environment. But the entry point for duplication should be the application subject of the environment. Did you try ?