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Transparencies in the Shape Editor

MEGA Partner
MEGA Partner

1. Login with profile "Hopex Customizer"

2. Start the "Shape Editor" tool from the "Tools" menu

3. Start "Ms. PowerPoint "to convert the SVG or PNG format image to WMF (Windows Metafile)

4. Embed the image in SVG or PNG format to "Ms PowerPoint"

5. Right click on the image and select "Convert to Shape", now image is in vector format.

6. Right click on the image and select "Modify Points" to edit the image (if required)

7. Right click and click on "save as image ..."

8. In the "Shape Editor" of Hopex import the image, menu "Insert" option "Shape ...", select WMF file (the image to be imported must be in the path where the shapes)


At this time you can save the "Shape.." and use it, but If you want to reuse the texts that accompany the "shapes" of the element in question, you should review and add the following.


10. The shape that is being created will be added to the "Server" object, therefore, the native formats of the "Server" object will be entered and the texts will be copied (From Original Shape) and pasted (To new Shape)

11. Save the form (it is recommended to save it in the folder: MEGA \ HOPEX V2R1 \ Mega_Std \ pictures.7600 \ method \)

12. For the naming of the Shapes, the first letters are recommended to coincide with the prefixes established by the objects in mega, in this case "Serv", it can be checked by right clicking on an instance of the object "Server", option "Shapes and Details".

13. To use the Shape it should only be selected from the list the " Shapes and Details".



  1. Hopex V2R1 (U02 785 4903 0)
  2. The "Shapes" used for the import are referring to Ms Azure, available on the manufacturer's site.
  3. Attached: Spanish version (original with image)
Julián E. Ramírez Rico
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