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Time Machine - What is it and where is it documented?

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Can I get clarity on what is this Time Machine option and where is it documented?



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Thank you @oguimard .  That is very clear.  We will not use it.

As SaaS customers - we get a daily backup of repo anyways.

Out users were asking for something like a "Trashcan" feature for their Desktop in HOPEX.  For example, if they delete something by accident - and they want to undo only their change the next day.    Today - this use case is not supported - at least in our configuration.

In any case - we will not be using this. feature.

Just an FYI -  a "Time Machine" like interface would be really interesting in the HOPEX360 portal.   

For example - any user browsing the portal - could, in theory - select a time in the past to see how this particular artifact looked like in the past. 

Thanks again.


This feature use to allow admin to create snapshot within the repository. You could then navigate within this snapshot to view your repository the way it was in the past.

If you enable this feature you have 2 features that appears :

  • Within Administration.exe you can define the frequency of the snapshot. Let's say every week-end. At the given frequency a tag is placed in the database.
  • In the User interface you see a selector of a date that appear. When you select this date and then when you navigate in HOPEX you see that data the way they were at this given date. It means created object won't appear and you can view you diagram the way they were.

The principle was as follow : time machine was to see the evolution of the past.

It is a a deprecated feature and here only for compatibility purposes. I strongly recommend you don't use it.