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Time Machine - What is it and where is it documented?

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Can I get clarity on what is this Time Machine option and where is it documented?



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Thank you @oguimard .  That is very clear.  We will not use it.

As SaaS customers - we get a daily backup of repo anyways.

Out users were asking for something like a "Trashcan" feature for their Desktop in HOPEX.  For example, if they delete something by accident - and they want to undo only their change the next day.    Today - this use case is not supported - at least in our configuration.

In any case - we will not be using this. feature.

Just an FYI -  a "Time Machine" like interface would be really interesting in the HOPEX360 portal.   

For example - any user browsing the portal - could, in theory - select a time in the past to see how this particular artifact looked like in the past. 

Thanks again.