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Technical Metamodel in Quick Search


In the Process Functional Administrator and Process Manager profile, I have enabled the display of the technical metamodel in the quick search per the directions picture below.  The objects available in the quick search does not change.  Is there something I am missing to enable a greater range of objects in the quick search.  We want to see to be able to do searches for Value Streams,  Value Stages, Software Technology and Micro-Services without having to resort to the Advanced Search each time.  




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Thank you for the responses.



I assume below we are talking about the BPA desktop in V5 UI

Note: in this kind of discussions, best approach is reaching out to your Account Manager to make sure your configuration matches your intended use case.

I hope the explanations below provide some clarity :

1) Value Stream / Value Stages

- Value Stream : this concept is rather fitting a "business architecture" use case (so in the EA / "HOPEX IT Business Management" product in mega's offering). Since V5, they are hidden by default in the BPA desktop (idem for Business Capabilities). Same rationale goes for System Processes (processes managed by the IT systems, so in the scope of the solution architecture product "HOPEX IT Architecture")

These concepts remain available for compatibility / cross solutions continuity thanks to user options


Activating the value stream option makes VS available in the process hierarchy tree view and "narrow search" tool


- Value Stage : the "narrow search" tool aims to look for "building blocks" type of objects so values stages are out of scope since they are local to values streams so that their name do not make sense globally (as indicated above, this can be forced by setting CRUD to CRUDS)


2) Software Technology and Micro-Services

these concept are coming from the solution architecture world and are typically associated with the HOPEX IT Architecture product.

The "Process Manager" profile can see these in Read only mode as per the standard command line settings :  


providing an HITA license / RO token is available for the user

However these are not searchable in the "narrow search" since they are considered peripheral from this profile point of view (CRUD is set to "R")


but they can be navigated to from properties, for instance here I can see the "payroll management system" is using MS SQL server technology : 


bottom line : we are either on the edge or out of the scope of the BPA solution's desktop intent ... what you see or not may also depend on the license configuration, but I would consider using the broader scope "Digital Tranformation Architect" profile in the Digital Transformation desktop (in V5, or "Enterprise Architect" profile / "Enterprise Architecture" desktop in HOPEX Aquila ), which should be best suited for an EA use case.


The objects you are talking about are not part of the technical metamodel.
For these objects to be available in the quick search for your profiles, they must be defined as searchable in the Permissions (i.e.: have the S) for these profiles ( ).
Regarding Value Stream, which has the right permission CRUDS, to see it you must activate the option (HOPEX Solutions > Business Process Analysis > Value streams modeling).