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Shape Editor - Add images to an element

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MEGA Partner


I'm trying to create a new shape using the "IT Server" element. as a test using the Shape editor I added a folder png icon inside the IT Server as shown in the image below. I saved this new shape with a new name and compiled the environment in order to see this shape in the palette inside HOPEX.



As you can see in the image below, after I saved the new shape If i go back to the shape editor the new shape that I created few moments ago shows a blank box.




And after compilation, I can see the new shape in the palette inside HOPEX at the time I open a new diagram in order to use the "IT Infraestructure" but as you can see the shape shows a blank box and not the folder that I added in the shape editor.




Any idea why this?


What we want to accomplish is to add images to the elements, so, in a diagram we can represent some elements that the client wants to see in a view.




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Hi, yes. Converting to WMF did not work for me.

I contacted MEGA Support and the suggestion provided was use to Snipping Tool to take a snip of the external image and directly paste it in the Shape Editor, then save it as mgs file in the Mega_usr folder. This solution worked for me.

@simikadampatta did you convert the PNG to WMF file format before inserting into the MGS file?

I am facing a similar issue. The MGS file as well as the png is in the Mega_usr folder for me but still I can observe the blank box in the palette. Any idea what I am missing?

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MEGA Partner

Thanks @LMeden, that gave me an idea... also I validated that putting the images in the "usr_mega" folder works too.


Kind regards!

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MEGA Partner


Have a look at this community post

In short you have to convert the PNG to WMF format using PowerPoint to save the file to a another format.