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Mega ASP .Net application or Service - C# or Java?

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We are looking to develop an ASP .NET application to display an application and all of its attributes in a real-time inquiry manner.


Ideally, we would develop the application in either C# or Java, and the application would leverage the Mega API’s and objects to retrieve the information of a specific application whose identified was specified as a parameter to the application.


The rendering of the application would be read-only with no option of updating.   No explicit authentication would be required as it is an internal public use inquiry tool by any person who has active directory access.


Our intent is to allow any CMDB user to call up application information without having to replicate all of the application attributes in the CMDB.


Another alternative would be to develop a generic service to do the same, which we could then consume from ServiceNow.


Has anyone developed anything similar and can share ideas?


At some point in the future, we would also like to render selective Mega diagrams as well.


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I can recommend two proven approaches to support two use cases related to your situation.


For serving up object attributes consumed by an Xcelsius dashboard, a generic Java web service (Java plugin) accessible via the service.aspx page since the user is already logged into the web portal (Advisor) and thus highly leverageing the OOTB portal stack.


For serving up object attributes and lists of objects, a self-hosted .Net WCF service written in C#.  This approach requires more development work to account for connection pooling (for scalability) but can support a custom security model.  WCF supports various levels of SOAP and thus may be more desirable to integrate with other 3rd party products than a RESTful style.





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While not quite what you're asking, we periodically generate a static website from MEGA wich is publicly accessible in our intranet.