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How to query for date ranges such as "last week" or "last month" ?

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How to query for date ranges such as "last week" or "last month" ?


I am trying to write some queries that return objects modified or created  in specific time frames. For example:

  • yesterday
  • past 7 days
  • past 30 days
  • etc..

Right now, I only know how to query for objects created/modified today  using the "&CurrentDate" parameter.


For example, here is a query that returns all diagrams modified today


Select Diagram WHERE [Modification Date] >= "&CurrentDate"


Now, what I would like is to have a query that returns diagrams modified in "past 7 days" or "past 14" days etc..


Is there any special keywords for this in HOPEX, or are any calculations allowed and if so - how?


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@PBessodes Thank you!! this works now. I can now enter a date as query parameter.




This query soon as you have activated the "Display repository administration properties..." option :



Patrick Bessodes

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A quick followup @PBessodes @CLAVALLEE 

Do you know if we can use Date as a Request Parameter.

I envision something like this

SELECT Application WHERE [Modification Date] >= &"Date"

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@PBessodes @CLAVALLEE  Thank you both!
Good to know that macros is the way to go about this.


ERQL doesn't offer this kind of capability today. You can only use system variable : &CurrentDate

But you can implement a query by a macro.




As far as I know, you would have to create query with a macro implementation.
For example, for the implementation : 

Sub FillSelectionCollection(mgobjObject as MegaObject, vntSelectorID as Variant, mgcolCollection as MegaCollection)
  Dim mgRoot, col
  mgRoot = mgobjObject.getroot
  col = mgRoot.getSelection("Select [Diagram] where [Modification Date] > '" & CDate(Now-7) & "'")
  mgcolCollection.insert col
End Sub

Hope this can help.

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@PBessodes Are you able to offer any help on this question?

I am writing some queries - and would really like to be able to have a way to return results "from last week" or "last month" or something like that.