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How to print (PDF) or save a picture of a capability breakdown report?

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How can we get a "nice" print or an image of capability building block breakdown reports?

  • as far as I know, it is not possible to save them as images
  • The Print Report option doesn't work as expected.. printed report is unusable



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@LMeden Thank you.  Good to know about this workaround.  It technically works - but it still doesn't produce a high quality print as expected.

For example, to view the report in the produced PDF - I have to got menu to rotate the view counterclockwise.

To me this feels like a defect.  I would love perspective from mega.  Is this working as designed? If yes, then I would log an enhancement request to improve design.  Otherwise, it should be a defect, no?

MEGA Partner
MEGA Partner

What I do is click on more settings and change the paper size to A3, A2 or A1. And select "Fit to printable area",  you will now have it all in one PDF page. Not perfect, but better than multiple pages.