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How to hide the search toolbar for a particular profile in HOPEX Web Front-End

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We have a new profile "Department Architect" which was created replicating an existing profile and making certain modifications.
How can we remove the main search bar at the top?

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Yes, it worked. Thank you for your help.

It is possible that the UI Access Right could also work. Might even be a better solution.  

Thank you for your reply!
I shall try that out. 


One question - What if instead of disconnecting the Tool, I go to the Properties -> Permissions of the tool and change the permissions from "A" to " " for this particular profile's UI Access Rights? 

MEGA Partner
MEGA Partner

If your new profile is based on an existing Profile/Desktop it not advisable to remove anything connected to a standard Desktop.

If you have created a custom Desktop then identify the MEGA Parameterized Tool in the MetaCommand Group with the "Search" functionality and disconnect it from the MetaCommand Group.