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How to cut, copy, paste graphic objects between diagrams HOPEX V5?

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Our users of HOPEX V3 used to be able to cut,copy,paste graphic objects (shapes, text) from one diagram to another.


In V5, this functionality does NOT work.


When attempting to paste objects - the diagram screen flashes - but nothing is added to the diagram.


I've tried checking documentation on this topic


But, the documentation is not clear.  It seems written for using cut,copy, paste on a single diagram.


We're looking for ways to  cut,copy graphic objects from one diagram and paste into another.


Steps to reproduce issue:


  1. Open diagram-1
  2. Select graphic object(s)
  3. Select Copy option
  4. Close diagram-1
  5. Open diagram-2
  6. Select Paste option
  7. Observe, that nothing is copied



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The copy and paste of objects between diagrams is limited to diagrams decribing the same object because components can not be reused.

If you want to create 2 differents views/configurations of an object (for exemple v1 vs v2 etc.) you need to duplicate the object itself and the diagram will be duplicated in the process, allowing to keep source diagram and compare both of them.




I just lost a few hours of work because of bugs in copy / paste between 2 diagrams.

My test-case :
I have a flow F1 from Application A1 to A2 that is descripbed in diagram D1.
I create D2, I want to represent an evolution of D1, since it is not possible to duplicate a diagram (which too bad), I did open both diagrams and copy all objects from D1 and copied them in D2.
!!!! NEVER DO SUCH OPERATION !!!! because it became a mess afterwards :

A1, A2 and F1 where no longer visible as D1 objects (in properties) but still visible in the D1 diagram.
When I removed F1 from D2, HOPEX deleted it from D1 ...
Just like if F1 in D1 was "intricated" with F1 in D2 which is not the expected behaviour from a copy/paste.

Duplication and copy/paste should be better working according to me.


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@PBessodes This worked.  Thank you.

Some users are reporting lack of true "tabs" in version 5 is a challenge.  Opening diagrams in "Browser tabs" is not as easy to work with as with previous version.

In any case,

This will work for use.  

For clarity.

we will use "graphic elements" to create a diagram legend of sorts.  For example, 

  • A small orange rectangle with letter "M" inside
    • This can be placed on building blocks (i.e. objects) being modified on the diagram
  • A small green rectangle with letter "N" 
    • This indicates a building block with "no change"
  • etc....

Thanks again for quick response.



To do this you need to have both diagrams opened (in two tabs of your navigator).

If it doesn't work, you need to report it to Hopex support (with your context usage).