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Error access to HOPEX WEB Front End V5

MEGA Partner
MEGA Partner

After installation V5 CP2, I have only HOPEX Application Server management console in the portal .

A message appears : "Module disabled due to HOPEX backend not ready (No environment found)"


Have you any idea how to fix it please knowing that :

I created an Environment (SQL server 2019 in the same server) and it is uddated and compiled.

The licence file is located in another server.

The test of acces to Windows Front end is successful.


Thanks in advance



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MEGA Partner
MEGA Partner

Thanks for your reply. It is related to the fact that the licence is installed in another vm and the user (local system) that launch HAS instance manager have not the appropriate rights on the licence file.

So, I resolved it by the all-in-one installation.

There seems to be an issue of access rights to the lience and environment folder.


Startup impossible because no license is identified. Ensure a license is installed.
The \\Megav5\env5\Standard\MegaEnv.ini file does not exist.
 Exception occurred.


How is configured your shared folders for Must and Environment ?


How is configured the user that launch HAS Instance manager ?




MEGA Partner
MEGA Partner


Please find attached the logs and the full screenshot of the console.




can you share :

  • a full screenshot of the console
  • the logs that contains the error why the module is not launching