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Count Number of Objects Using ERQL

New Contributor

Is there a way to count the number of objects using ERQL?

In SQL, there is a count(*) or count distinct function that returns a number based on the criteria in the where clause.

Is there an equivalent of this in ERQL?

Thank you!

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You will need a macro to count the objects or you can use "Script Editor" to run script and count objects - example shown below:

Set NumberOfApps=GetSelection("Select [Application] Where [Creation Date] Between '1/1/2022' And '12/31/2024'")

Print "Number of Applications: " & NumberOfApps.Count



Super Contributor

Hi, i´m used this query 

[Component="Select [Application] Where [Creation Date] Between '1/1/2024' And '12/31/2024' "]
[ComponentProperty="Short Name"/]<br>

how count the numbers of object?



no ERQL does not provide a count function.

You can launch the ERQL query then on the result execute the count.

To be more precise on the answers I need more context.

Where do you plan to use it ?