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Call a java method from Mega macro

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Hi ,


I am able to create java class under com.mega.test.

I want to create mega macro which calls a method in test class passing mega  root and object as parameter. I created mega macro defining package name and class name. My method in class is testjavacall  . I was not able to call java method from mega macro. I tried GetRoot.CurrentEnvironment.getMacro("test").testjavacall GetRoot, <object> .

I am not able to find the right syntax i tried from metacommond it works but i need to call it from a mega macro.

Could you please help if any one has solution.

Thanks for your support.

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I am getting the below error stating that Object doesn't support this property oRoot.CurrentEnvironment.GetMacro('..').test
I tried without parameters too calling method I get the same error, I did not define constructor also. Same issue I face I followed all the steps according to the document of mega


Dim macro : Set macro = oRoot.getcurrentEnvironment.getMacro("myjavamacro")

macro.testJavacall oRoot Megaobject


keep in mind that java constructor must be defined without parameter