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Access not granted

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I'm reaching out as I have a serious problem with access to Mega. I have an admin profile and when I create access to my collegues, the webportal turns for 3/4 seconds then start asking the **** for identification. an error message appears in green and go very fast (couldn't take a picture of it) 😕 

- I do respect the number of licences we have

- The application is installed in our server

 - We have this problem with internal & expertnal colleagues 

Please any feedback on how to manage this problem ? 

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MEGA Partner
MEGA Partner

Hi @K-khattabi ,

It is difficult to contribute without know the exact scenarios such as HOPEX version and error message/screenshot - but it could be that the user's private session is already connected, therefore you cannot login via web. You can also check the Authentication mode set for the users with issue - are you using MEGA, Windows or Customer Authentication mode? 

You can also check the logs on the standard log path or make a video and watch it slowly to see the exact error.

Logs: C:\ProgramData\MEGA\Hopex Application Server\5003\Logs

May be if you share some more information, then someone can help to fix the issue.