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It is possible to create this dataset?

MEGA Partner
MEGA Partner

Hi community. 


1.- It is possible to create a dataset Application-IT Service-Application? In this case(the SS), ROX-Service Web- A2K, I'm attaching an image about it. I tried some parameterizations but I couldn't find that combination. Also, in the same SS,  there is a relationship Application-Server-Application, (ROX-V4plnag01-Actiweb), same case, it is possible to create it? or which is the best way to get that relationships? 

2.- I'm attaching another SS, there is an Indicator object and 2 Org Process, this is the environment A, there is an environment B, in this environment B, if I try to add an indicator object, I can't do it, even if I click on "view and details" there is no way to add the indicator object, why is that? is something about license? the license in Environment A and Environment B are different, is that the answer? in that case, which object we can use to represent another "Indicator" object? 


Thanks for your time, regards. 


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