HOPEX Report Studio
Understand the different report technologies available and when to use them. Learn how to create and publish report templates.
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Course Description

HOPEX Report Studio enables you to ease the information flows within the company.

This course is the required basis to learn how to define DataSets reports and create the corresponding templates.

Expected Benefits

  • Understand the different report technologies available and when to use them.
  • Create report templates based on Report DataSets (without coding).
  • Understand the structure and the behavior of reports.
  • Publish report templates to selected profiles.

How the course is organized

The course alternates theoretical explanations of methods to be implemented, presentations of associated HOPEX features, and practical exercises that allow participants to apply the theory learned on a realistic case.

How to participate

Course Content

General reporting presentation

  • Reporting in HOPEX
  • Report templates, chapters and parameters

DataSets reports

  • DataSets report definition
  • DataSets collecting parameters
  • DataSets life cycle report

DataSets report template

  • Instant reports
  • "Save as" option and its impact
  • Editing Templates

Advanced characteristics

  • Dataset MetaModel
  • Conditionnal formatting
  • Multiple Data set
  • Dynamic filtering of Data
  • Publishing on a Profile

Creating a Report in adequation with business needs

  • Selecting a reporting technique
  • Create the necessary DataSet to meet specific requirements
Program Summary
Trainer led
1 day
HOPEX Administrators
HOPEX Documentation Managers
HOPEX Webmasters
Knowledge of the HOPEX MetaModel and able to write ERQL queries