HOPEX Publisher level 2
Create a new document template, a Web site template, and use specialized HOPEX tags for diagram and menu management.
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Course Description

HOPEX Publisher 2 gives the ability to create communication support materials specific to your company’s needs in the form of documents or website publications using the powerful publishing functionalities within HOPEX.

Expected Benefits

  • Learn how to create a new document template to meet given specifications.
  • Learn how to create a Web site template, integrating HTML descriptors.
  • Use specialized HOPEX tags for diagram and menu management.
  • Learn how to use variables and sets when creating queries.

How the course is organized

HOPEX Publisher - Level 2 is based on a sensible balance between theory and trainer-supervised practical exercises to enable a better understanding of the tool and its features.
This course is delivered by experienced MEGA Solution Engineers.

How to participate

Course Content

Advanced Queries

  • Using sets in Queries
  • Displaying the objects in a predetermined order
  • Entering Advanced Queries to display the repository information in the deliverables

Document-type advanced functionalities

  • Creating customized descriptions
  • Integrating the Queries in descriptions to filter objects and attributes
  • Creating a document-type to meet specific requirements

Web site customization

  • Creating a HTML description
  • Integrating a HTML description in a Web site
  • Using basic HOPEX tags to create a HTML page
  • Using conditions in HTML tags
  • Using specialized HOPEX tags to manage diagrams and menus
Program Summary
Trainer led
2 days
HOPEX Administrators
HOPEX Documentation Managers
HOPEX Website Administrators
HOPEX Publisher Level 1 and knowledge of HTML