HOPEX NAF - Functional Analysis
Learn about MEGA’s methodology for managing NAF architecture projects.
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Course Description

The NATO Architecture Framework (NAF) provides guidance for developing and describing Enterprise Architectures. The architecture description can cover many aspects, including capability, operational, system, technical, performance, services provided, and evolution over time. HOPEX NAF brings more than 25 years of enterprise architecture modeling and process optimization expertise to serve the needs of large system architecture descriptions.

Expected Benefits

  • Apply MEGA’s methodology for managing NAF architecture projects.
  • Use NATO All Views (NAV) to define the scope and purpose of an architecture.
  • Use NATO Capability Views (NCV) to understand the capability approach.
  • Use NATO Operational Views (NOV) to describe operational nodes, functional processes, organizations, information models and information exchanges required to accomplish NATO missions.
  • Understand, through concrete examples and a series of exercises, the value added by the HOPEX repository, including integrated modeling rules and analysis reports.

How the course is organized

This course alternates theoretical presentations on Enterprise Architecture for NAF with the production of a real case scenario to enable a better understanding of the method and tool. This course is delivered by an experienced MEGA Consultant, who is knowledgeable in proper modelling techniques and an expert in the use of HOPEX NAF.

How to participate

Course Content

Introduction to the NAF

  • Understanding Enterprise Architecture
  • Understanding Frameworks
  • NAF Views and Products

Introduction to HOPEX NAF

  • Overview of toolset
  • The Start Page and Navigation Tree
  • Main Concepts and Approach

Defining the Scope and Purpose of the Architecture

  • NAV-1: Overview and Summary Information
  • NAV-2: Definition of Terms
  • NOV-1: Contextual Overview

NAF Capability views

  • NCV-1: Capability Vision
  • NCV-2: Capability Taxonomy
  • NCV-3: Capability Phasing
  • NCV-4: Capabilities dependency
  • NCV-5: Capability to Organizational Mapping

NAF Operational Views

  • NOV-2: Operational Node Connectivity Description (in conjunction with the NAF Service View NSOV-2 Service Definitions).
  • NOV-4: Organizational Relationship Chart
  • NOV-5: Operational Activity Model
  • NOV-6a: Business Rules
  • NOV-6b: Operational States Description
  • NOV-7: Conceptual information model

NAF Technical Views

  • NTV-1: Technical Standards Profiles
  • NTV-2: Technical Standards Forecast

NAF Program Views

  • NPV-1: Program Portfolio Relationship
  • NPV-2: Program to Capability Mapping

Mastering the Repository

  • Sharing and distributing models
  • Running queries
  • Working as a team
Program Summary
Trainer led
3 days
Enterprise Architects
Enterprise Project Managers
NAF Project Stakeholders and Subject Matter Experts
Knowledge of NAF