HOPEX IT Architecture
Map applications and technologies, and how they interact with one another to identify efficiencies and avoid disruptions.
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Course Description

This course provides the methodological basics and best practices necessary for IT project participants to successfully use HOPEX IT Architecture solution.

Enterprise Architects learn how to keep architecture current with changing market strategies, emergent technologies and agile developments.

Solution Architects learn how to map applications and technologies, precisely pinpoint areas of change, and describe the way technical components are deployed. The solution also enables to define reference architectures for agile dev teams.

Expected Benefits

  • Learn how to use HOPEX to map applications and technologies, and how they interact with one another to identify efficiencies and avoid disruptions
  • Define standard APIs by capturing the logic of interactions between applications
  • Standardize the use of software technologies using technical reference models
  • Leverage out-of-the-box templates to speed up the development of your reference architectures
  • Precisely describe how technical components of an application can be deployed to avoid potential pitfalls.
  • Create 3D infrastructure diagrams to describe the requirements to support deployed applications

How the course is organized

The course alternates theoretical and exercise modules. Theory covers the challenges driving organizations to redesign their application landscape, along with definitions of HOPEX objects and functionalities. Practical exercises based around a real-life scenario allow participants to apply the theory learned on a relatable case.

How to participate

Course Content


  • Introduction to Enterprise Architecture and the Application landscape
  • HOPEX IT Architecture Demonstration
  • Introduction to our exercise Use Case

Capture the current Application landscape

  • Describe the Application landscape
  • Describe the environment of an Application
  • Structure the Application landscape

Design new Applications

  • Identify new Applications' requirements & business needs
  • Define Applications' APIs
  • Capture Applications' internal architecture

Transform the Application landscape

  • Formalize company IT Standards
  • Prepare for Application deployment
  • Document Application deployments
Program Summary
Available for
HOPEX Aquila
Trainer led
2 days
Self paced e-learning
8 hours
Get Certified
Enterprise Architects
Solution Architects