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Very high CPU utilization when building website with a script

MEGA Partner
MEGA Partner

There is no issue when a website is generated manually or via HOPEX generation in the background. However, we have been generating websites via a VB script (due to a technical architecture) ever since, from V2 to now V5, which has been working fine but all of sudden on V5 now the SQL server’s CPU utilizations has started to go up to 100% which make HOPEX unusable for the users.



If the HAS instance is stopped, the website generation continues and CPU utilization drops back to normal. We have tried to create new HAS instances and also tried on different SQL server but the behavior is same.

Sspsprvs logs shows a lot of “HopexPerformanceWarning” messages.

Anyone has experience this kind of behaviour?
Why is it using half of the logical 8 cores?



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Can you please raise a case to MEGA support it seems like a issue with the tool.