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Use API in a Multithreaded Java environment

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To prevent application hang, we have written Plugins for MEGA (MetaCommand) wich do their work in a Multithreaded way.

The following is a POC of what we are doing:


public void CmdInvoke(MegaObject o, Integer nCmd) {
    final MegaRoot mRoot = o.getRoot();
    Runnable worker = new Runnable() {
        // Wait a bit so CmdInvoke will be done
        try {
        } catch (InterruptedException e) {}
        // Try to reuse mRoot
        MegaCollection test = mRoot.getSelection("SELECT [Application] WHERE [Name] LIKE 'A#'");
        mRoot.print("Test okay. Size: " + test.size());
    SwingUtilities.invokeLater(worker); // Do Asynchronous work

In MEGA 2009 CP5 this design principle worked, but in HOPEX V1R2 it does not. When the asynchronous thread tries to re-use the MegaRoot after CmdInvoke is done, the getSelection() fails with the Error message saying "Internal error while compiling the query".


If we instead try to re-generate a new root object from scratch using

public void CmdInvoke(MegaObject o, Integer nCmd) {
    MegaCurrentSession sess = new MegaCurrentSession();
    final MegaRoot mRoot = sess.getRoot("");

HOPEX throws the Error "Native object is not connected" on trying to get the root (i.e. we can't open a MegaCurrentSession from within the MEGA JVM).


How can we get a working MegaRoot from within the HOPEX JVM for concurrent use?

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Hello, I have the same scenario. I also have an issue with the query. Is it possible to use concurrent threads? I'm working on Hopex v4