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Unable to open Hopex.exe after running a Batch Script to generate reports

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I have a JAR file which calls a macro responsible for generating certain reports.

Once the .bat file calling the JAR is run and the execution is finished, I am unable to open Hopex.exe.

I think it might be some license issue or issue related to some other process already running. However, I am able to access Hopex.exe after restarting service using Server Supervisor. Nothing is reflected in the logs so I do not know what exactly is causing this. Please help.

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Thank you for your help.

How can I make sure that HOPEX is closed?

This shows that the HOPEX application is not closed after the execution is finished - it is not possible to launch another intance of HOPEX windows client when one is already running. When you get this behaviour, please check the task manager, you should see the process is running - I suggest to check the code which is not allowing Hopex to close after the execution.





I am using HOPEX V4CP4. I am not getting any error. When I click on Hopex.exe, it does not open at all. Nothing happens. I am unable to open administration.exe either until I perform a restart.

Also, I cannot see any error in the logs.

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It will be good if you please mention the HOPEX version and add some screenshots about the error you get when Hopex.exe cannot be opened.


The Hopex application doesn't open at all or it opens but you cannot login? If you cannot login, it could be due that the connection for Hopex user is not closed after the reports are generated, once you restart SSP means the session is closed, hence you can login..