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(Re)fresh DataSet for reports

Super Contributor

I have a reqeest from users that says it is a problem, that they should wait for report-updates. 

Sometimes report updates can take several minutes i HOPEX.

Are there any way you can refresh reports using the scheduler in HOPEX, so they can be refreshed during the night?

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Super Contributor

Will this give us updated dataset, or only keep old data in the dataset?

We need fresh data in our dataset in this case.

MEGA Partner
MEGA Partner

It could be possible with a macro attached to a trigger but refreshing all the reports based on Report Datasets, at the same time, can easily choke the HOPEX/SQL server, since Report Datasets can be very resource demanding.

However you can optimizing the Report DataSet Definition for better performance by:

"Keep the last generated Report DataSet":

Select the Keep last generated result option so that at next session, the first Report DataSet display time is shorten.


Time monitoring:

To identify the column that may introduce performance issues, use the debug log to find out how long it takes to get each column.