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Questionnaire - How to retrieve values (not internal value) selected by respondent in checkbox?

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I am trying to build an Excel Report detailing the answers marked by users in a questionnaire using Java and aspose_cells library. The questionnaire template contains one dropdown, one radiobutton and one checkbox with 3 values.

When I am printing the values entered by user I am getting correct values for Radiobutton and Dropdown. But for checkboxes, I am still getting the internal value. (Please find attached screenshot for the column "Profile used to access HOPEX")

I have tried both of the below snippets but neither are working for retrieving values entered in the checkbox.

ObjAssessmentNode.getProp(ObjPropertyContained.megaField(), "Display")

ObjAssessmentNode.getProp(ObjPropertyContained.megaField(), "External")

Any help would be appreciated.


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Thank you for your reply.

However, for checkboxes I cannot see anything in "refersTo" and "refersText".




you can have a look at this post :


You will find the metamodel of the assessment.


You will see that the answer is stored on 2 attributes :

  • refersTo
  • refersTExt

Maybe you can have a look here to find the right value.


Hope this help.