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Process Map Filter in CIO Dashboard Hopex v4

MEGA Partner
MEGA Partner

Good morning dear Mega community

I have the following case, I would like to know if it is possible to make this adjustment:

We are currently developing a portal for the risk module, where it is required to visualize from the heat map, a filter that can group by process and give me the same heat map, both inherent and residual, but grouped by process; but that also allows me to see the heat map in general mode.

This adjustment is to be made in the CIO dashboard of the 360 portal of the V4 tool, or from the SIOC dashboard in the 360 portal to check if there is any functionality that can be replicated to give scope to this proposal, or also check if technically it is possible to take a report dataset definition that can help with the query by process and that shows only the map with the risks associated with the process.

VBScript or macro to be modified, here is how the code should go to recognize the Processes filter, attached notepad with the code of the macro or VBScript

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Hi there,

The way to go would be to:

- Duplicate the HOPEX360_CIO Dashboard_V2_Applications Descriptor

- In this Descriptor, you have a reference to a _CodeTemplate with ID "C6D1CCBB602F7983". You will have to Duplicate that _CodeTemplate too.



- This CodeTemplate will actually store all the Business Logic in a JSON structure. In this new CodeTempalte just adapt the logic according to your needs (you can use MetaClasses or Queries) and make sure you keep the same JSON structure and you should be all good.


Hope that helps