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Possibility to Add New others Responsibility in the Application Properties

MEGA Partner
MEGA Partner

Hi HOPEX Expert!

Thru this Post Feed, I really need your assistance and guidance in order to Possibility for add new others responsibility in the Responsibility section as part of the section in Application Properties (pictures attached). Kindly need your advice and guidance in creating and or add the new responsibility.

Screenshot 2023-09-26 134423.png

Your response/advice thru this matter are highly appreciated,

Thanks and regards,

Ery Eryanto

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Dear Sir @AHassan 

Thank you for your reply and your insight, 

from everything that has been said in your previous reply and I have tried this post in my personal internal environment + it has been successful in running.

However, because the filling requirement is for objects from the Organizational Unit, are there any other instructions? because when referring to the guidance you provide it refers to business role metadata

Please kindly advise, Thank you for your attention

MEGA Partner
MEGA Partner


Yes, Software Designer was added as an example - MetaClass Application was already added to this Business Rolse as "Assignment MetaClass"

You need to create new Business Roles if they are not already existing and you can add multiple MetaClasses as "Assignment MetaClass" - as shown below - but you always need to test in a non-production environment e.g. Test server to see it works as expected. You can also compare with other Business Role already added on the Applications, to compare their parameters and attributes etc.




Dear Sir @AHassan , 

Thank you very much for your response and provide me as the guidance, the following are my responses: 

  • Is it for software designers who are exemplified in the guidance as additional responsibility owners? If yes, does it have to be mapped as a meta class for the application?
  • So far, your provided guidance has been quite helpful for me. In this need, I want to add 4 new responsibility owners, the filling for which will come from the organizational unit which I can describe as attached in the red font color for your reference


Kindly I need your guidance, related to these matters,

Thank You very much for your Assistance, Sir @AHassan 


MEGA Partner
MEGA Partner


I guess, this is what you need?





Add the Business Role:


Note: the Business role which you add, should have the Application as "Assignment MetaClass" .