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Issue with RTF text editing in TeamReport Books via Advisor Web Editor

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We are experiencing an issue copying and pasting RTF text from an MS-Word RTF document into an Advisor Web Editor Book Paragraph.  As can viewed in the attachments, the following RTF markup is visible in the Web Editor but is NOT being rendered by the Book renderer when viewing the book through just plain Advisor:

1. font colors

2. font background color

3. font sizes

3. font types


The controls on the Web Editor Paragraph editor do not allow any of these 4 items to be changed.


While the property page for Book Paragraphs in the modeling tool does allow these 4 items to be changed, none of the changes render by the Book render in Advisor.  They are ignored just like the changes pasted into the Web Editor Book Paragraph Editor.


Is there a fix for this issue?


We are using Mega 2009 SP5 CP6.



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The described behavior is due to a platform limitation, for further information refer to Styles and formatting allowed in RTF texts.



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