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Import the relationships for Business Capabilities to Applications using an Excel Spreadsheet?


Running V2R1 Update 3, and wondering if it's possible to import the relationships between Applications and Business Capabilities? I'm see where I can relate the two in the Web version, either from the Application or Business Capability Object, but I'm not having any luck relating the objects using an Excel import. I run the import with no errors, but the relationships are not created. I'm using the following in each column of the import spreadsheet headers, row 1 (Object) and 2 (Object ID), see attached picture:

A: Application (ID)

B: Application Short Name

C: Owned Business Capability Fulfillment and ID (Blank, not filled in)

😧 Business Capability Fulfillment and ID. (Leaving the field blank, and should populate once imported)

E: Short Name, ("Realization of [Capability Short Name]")


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A standard import for Business Capabilities and fulfilling applications has been delivered in HOPEX V3 (as part of the Business Architecture product) ;


A slightly different version (different implementation, relying in macros to allow a more user friendly data entry) will be provided on the HOPEX Store shortly for the ITPM use case.


Here, the principle is to import Business Capability Fulfillment ('realizations' in V2R1) in a separate worksheet, using columns to create the 1/n links to fulfilled capability and fufilling applications (assumed to be there or imported beforehand in separated worksheets)


it looks as follows :



please find a sample attached ; as mentionned, this is HOPEX V3 so may need some rework to be used in V2R1, I have not tested this.


Hope this helps,



MEGA Partner
MEGA Partner

When you create your Excel sheet, you can choose to import (or export) attributes of an object, or associations.


You have create the association in the Attributes sheet and here you will not just be allowed to update that.


In the user documentation there is a section describing how to use the Excel Export / Import:

Exchanging Data with Excel