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How to update Application Lifecycle automatically


Hi everyone,

We are actively using IT Portfolio Management solution and updating Application Lifecycles by Excel import and we 'd like to know if there is a way to update all Application Lifecycles in mass as we cannot regenerate manually 1900+ Application Gantt Charts.Is there a macro or something that could help for this need please?

Thanks for your help and have a nice day,

Julien Roux 

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One last comment from my side. It could be cached images in the browser causing this in H360. Try and run the same website in incognito after an update.

Finally my assumptions were not good and there is no automated regenration of the Gantt Chart once the Technologies Lifecycles are updated, and even some issues when I try to regenerate it manually.

See attached. I will probably raise a case to MEGA Support then.

Let's keep in touch on this then, 


Hi Ben,

That's always good to be curious and get a chance to learn, no worries,

I think that on HOPEX GUI, the Gantt Report is automatically regenerated once you reach the page, but for exporting the Gantt Chart on H360, I still had a doubt, as I have been laoding some technologies lifecycle recently but it seems to be properly updated as well now on H360 based publisher, as shown below.
So, my question remains opened as I would prefer to know how to apply a batch to do so, but I m not technically good enough to play with GraphQL yet @LMeden  but at least my immediate constraint for H360 is resolved.
Hope those clarifications are helping you gentlemen as well. 

Have a nice day and will be happy to exchange on other topics,

@JulienRoux  Thanks for the feedback.

Now I'm curious.  Wouldn't the gantt charts automatically regenerate (if the dates are set correctly) once you view the object in HOPEX GUI?

Where are you viewing your gantts in a way they're not refreshing?  HOPEX 360 portal?

Sorry, I know I'm not providing an answer, but am genuinely curious.

@JulienRoux maybe GraphQL is what you are looking for?


Hi and thanks also,

Same here, I m looking for a way to refresh all Gantt Charts reports as we are publishing them on a Portal and they are not autmatically updated once data is change for the Object life(s) of Apps, Software Installation and Technologies.

Sure that we will find a way,

Have a nice day 😉

Hi Ben and thanks a lot for your help,

My concern is not really to import bulky data with Excel, we have our own template for this with macros and it works pretty well,

I m looking for an automated way to regenerate the Gantt Chart Reports of all applications (and I 'd say all time dependent element having an Object life) as it's not possible to make it manually (Refreshing each report one by one).

We will find a way and thanks again for your answer,

Have a nice day,


The template mentioned by @BenAvdicevic can be found in the HOPEX Store. Note: Different versions of the template exists.



Honored Contributor

@JulienRoux ,

If I understood you correctly - you are looking for a way to import application lifecycles in bulk.

HOPEX V5 includes ITPM Excel Template which allows you to import Application Lifecycle dates in bulk. We use this just recently - so that is how I'm aware of it.

See following Screenshots of the template:





To use the ITPM template,

  1. From Main menu (Person icon) - select Import >> Excel
  2. From Download Template section - download the ITPM - Applications template


  3. Fill out the Applications tab to include the lifecycle dates  (refer to README in first worksheet for help)
  4. Save and close your filled out ITPM template file.

  5. In Hopex - select Menu >> Import >> Excel >> Browse button to select the ITPM file


  6. Import the file 

The application dates should be imported in bulk.

NOTE of caution:   I would test this out with a small dataset and also in a non-production repository.  Bulk imports are always risky - so better to take every precaution to ensure behavior is as you expect it.

Hopefully this helps

Senior Member

Hello Julian ,

I am looking for the exact same thing you are looking for except that I am working on the Technology object.

I only found part of the solution in the HOPEX documentation. I know how to trigger the creation wizard for the GANTT lifecycle object, but I don't know how to insert automatically the start and end date the wizard needs to create the time periods : 

Set myCreator = oMyTech.GetCollection("~II(G0eKbFTiT[Vie de l'objet]").InstanceCreator
myCreator.mode = 2
myCreator.Name = "Cycle de vie"
myAssocID = myCreator.Create

So if somebody can help us to complete the code, it would be much appreciated. 🙂