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How to enable these buttons

MEGA Partner
MEGA Partner

Hi community. 

Quick question. It is necessary an specific CP to enable these 2 buttons? (img attached) the buttons are "data discovery" and "import metadata" 

I already downloaded the data extractor, and ir works fine, but I don't know how to enable these 2 buttons in the front web. 

I need a CP for that? 


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I checked in the HOPEX Store and I do not see any dependencies listed in HOPEX core, so I do believe that you are correct. There should be no CP requirements for this module. 





I do see that there is a new version, so my recommendation would be to leverage the latest version of both HOPEX and the Module if possible.


Kind regards,

Yes I'm using v5. 

Thanks for your answer. So is not necessary an specific CP in order to enable those buttons. 

All I need to do is import the module no matter the CP. 





Assuming you are using HOPEX V5, it appears that "Data Discovery" is a module that you can import. Here is a link to the documentation.


I hope that this helps.

Kind regards,