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Hopex V3 / GraphQL / Postman and "An invalid request URI was provided....

New Contributor

Hi All.

I trying to use Postman with basic auth instead of bearer. With all x-header needed I got a 400 error with the message:

"Message""An invalid request URI was provided. The request URI must either be an absolute URI or BaseAddress must be set."

The URL is complete with https://<server>/HOPEXGraphQL/api/ITPM and it is method POST.

What's going wrong?
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Hi  rsutcliffe.

Trying to use Bearer I got an forbidden error using Basic I got the message above. The configuration, which we have (having GraphQL since a few days) a Basic Auth styled web.config but also a Bearer option. With the same user, I get a valid token, but not for GraphQL.

My own knowledge about Mega/Hopex/GraphQL configuration is newcomer. We tried yesterday a look into web logs. But the only thing we see was a invalid security. Seems to be strange, because with the same credentials using Basic I got a token or be able to login into the Hopex GUI. And all the other ID-values match.




Hello @VieJay ,


In case you have not seen it, there is a post on the community that describes basic auth for Hopex V3 & Hopex V4.

Here is the link > 

I hope that this helps.


Kind regards,