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Functionality x Capability Effectiveness Matrix Instant Report Empty

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I have defined an three-layer Functionality Map to represent the IT4IT standard 3.0 "functional components".

I have then mapped applications to functionalities .

Next, I would like to create this matrix report showing Functionality x Capability Effectiveness.

However, after reading both ITA and ITBM documentation PDFs - I am not able to find any documentation on how to assess Functionality object in HOPEX.

I would appreciate any help understand how to perform functionality assessment, needed to generate the matrix below.




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@oguimard Any thoughts on this one?  Am I missing something obvious how to assess Effectiveness of the Functionality object?

Hello @Eryanto07 ,

Thank you for your reply. 

That is what I am looking for - but as you can see - there is no way to assess capability effectiveness for a functionality object in ITBM desktop.

this is a screenshot of Functionality properties page in V5 CP5



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MEGA Partner

Hi Mr. Ben

Have you completed the checklist for the capability effectiveness on each functionality properties? usually there are menus and sub menus that are used to fill in the capability effectiveness, hope this reply can help you.