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ERQL Documentation

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Does MEGA have documentation on the ERQL language?
I look up on the internet and I didn't find anything that explain the terms and syntax to use in that language.


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Yes, that should be in a simialr place in the V5 documentation

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If it is not too late ....

Full documentation about how to use ERQL, syntax, examples is in the Power studio part of the documentation in HOPEX V2 I use today.

Maybe at the same place for V5 ?






The key to understanding the search tool in HOPEX is really to understand the meta model.

The search syntax is straight forward: Select Meta Class where Condition

The condition is then either relating to an Attribute or to a Meta Association (or a string of Meta Associations !).


Select [Org-Unit] where [Designed Organizational Process] = &name


Strings of meta associations can be connected using the . (dot)

Select [Organizational Process] where [Person Assignment].[Business Role]="Organizational Process Owner"


When using abstract metaclass use : to build the relation

Select [Organizational Process] where [System Used].[System Specification]:[Application]

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@epr-corpo There IS documentation, as @hsoegaard mentioned - but ERQL usage is still very challenging for new users IMHO.


I've probably spent few hours on ERQL and I can't say I've much better at it than I started.


ON the other hand - I never read a single line of documentation on servicenow filitering/querying syntax and I was able to use it from day 1.


For example, this simple HOPEX query stumped me.


List applications where "Name of Person" is "Financial Controler" .

The ERQL wizard is a nice concept - but it didn't help me.  It did not have "Responsibility" or "Financial Controler" role.


Finally - plain old list of applications "Menu >> Applicaions" which shows a list of all applictions - can be filtered easilty - which is nice.   But, out-of-box setup doesn't display any of the responsibility columns nor can they be added  by hand through V5 web GUI (probably can with Stuidio?) .  


Hopefully you found the documenation more helpful and ERQL learning easier.        

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Yes, in the online documentation: