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Default value assigned on creation of Database

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Each time a database is created, from whatever location (in a diagram, just adding it on an app...), a link between the database and the Target DBMS is created automatically with value SQL Ainsi.


MetaAssociation automatically created: (DBMS Release/Base-de-données)


How can I stop this from happening? I have dig in Hopex Studio in multiple objects, but I have not found how to stop this default value from being created. (see image attached)



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Hello BenAvdicevic

This is not a known issue.
Please open a case so that we can perform further investigations.



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@jhorber I think we are seeing similar or related issue now in V5 CP7 HF7.

An architect, logged in with IT Architect profile, was creating an Application Structure Diagram.  They added a Local Physical Datastore object to represent the local relational database.

For Object Type - they select "Relational DB" and for the Name filed they enter new name, and Create a brand new Relational Schema.

Something like this:


The issue is - once created  - when checking the Properties page of the Physical Local Datastore, the Owner parameter is set by default to some physical database that exist in HOPEX and was created by some other user.

Why should this be?    The default physical database has nothing to do with this application.  In other words, why should a new Relational Schema have a default Database owner?

Our expectation is that new Relational Schema's should have an empty Database owner - until connected to by the user.

Any thoughts/suggestions?

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Thanks, that is complex!


I created a new Metaclass to maintain only the database system name. I think it will be enough for us for now. That is why I wanted the link to Target DBMS not to be generated automatcally because it may be confusing with the new field I created.


I will see what else I can do to avoid confusion


I really appreciate your help! 





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Ok, thanks for the information.


I've looked all around the place and could not find where these DBMS Versions can be edited (to add or remove elements from the list). Can you point me to the right place? 


Hello SBureau


This is the expected behavior


By default with MEGA Database, each object of the MetaClass 'Database' should have a property 'Target DBMS'

The version is implemented by a link to an object of the Metaclass 'DBMS Target'.

The default value is SQL ANSI/ISO 9075:1992.

This information is mandatory in various situation, for example to compute datatype of columns


If you with to change the value of property 'Target DBMS', you need to update it after creation