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Custom Metaclass - duplicated "Characteristics" tabs

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I created a custom basic Metaclass, and added 2 Metaassociations and few Metaattributes.

I also created a custom Propertypage that I named "Characteristics" to display this data through sections.

The result is I have 2 "Characteristics" tabs, the one I created and the one that include only the custom attributes.

How do I remove/hide the generic one and keep only my custom ?

I tried to hide it with CRUDs using "Object UI access" but it's not displayed, I only see my custom Propertyage.


Thank you


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PropertyPage Presentation objects are not always assigned. They could be assigned to Desktops, Working Environments or Working Environment Topics. They also have inheritance through the GUI hierarchy. You could either specify additional pages to be displayed, or a full replacement (explicit listing of all pages to be displayed).
The other possibility is to put filtering conditions into the MetaPropertyPage definitions. However, you might not want to touch the platform provided page definitions, since they could be overwritten by platform updates.



Hi @mrajih_DTCC,

If you are still looking for an answer, I have some information that might help you.

In the thick client (desktop client), when you explore the custom metaclass, you will find a green folder called PropertyPage Presentation. Depending on the profile you are using to view the metaclass, you will see the property pages for that profile. The screenshot below is from the OOB Application MetaClass.



I believe you are seeing two characteristic tabs because there are two different characteristic MetaPropertyPages. When you remove the OOB characteristic MetaPropertyPage, you should only see the custom one you created.

Hope this helps!