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Custom Dataset for Value Streams and Exhibited Capabilities


I have some Reference Model Value Streams that I would like to report on.

These Value Streams are imported by Enterprises in a different library to show that these Enterprise utilize these Value Streams. They are imported as Architecture Building Blocks under the Enterprise.

In building a custom dataset in the report studio, I would like to show this:

Enterprise > Imported Building Block (Value Stream) > Value Stage > Exhibited Capabilities (Mapped by the Transformation Stage owned by the Selected Enterprise)

I have created the dataset in this manner:
Enterprise > Imported Architecture Block (Value Stream) > Owned Value Stage > Capability Requirement > Required Capability > Capability Exhibition

The issue is that this path presents all Capability Exhibitions, including those from Transformation Stages not owned by the Enterprise I've selected. I can get around this by filtering in the table, however generating the dataset in this matter is leading to multiple thousands of rows, as it is showing every exhibition.

Any ideas how to get around this? I can provide further details if required.

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You can apply the same solution as the one defined here : Custom Dataset for Business Functional Areas - MEGA Community