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Creation date has changed

MEGA Partner
MEGA Partner

Hi community. 

I was checking some Infrastructure diagrams, and I see that Creation Date is from this year, 2022, but this is wrong, the most part of my Infrastructure diagramas were created in 2020, but in the "Administration" option and the "history" of the diagram, it appers another date, why is that? I'm 100% sure that these diagrams were created in 2022 and no 2022. 

Why the creation date is wrong? 

I'm attaching and img about it. It has 2 diagrams, "Bus Central" and "Control M". 

I'm sure these 2 diagrams were created 2 years ago, but in the creation date appers "2022". 



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Please share more insight on this case.


What we see from your screenshot is that this object was imported by API on May 6th 2022 and Modified on October 4th 2022.


Maybe the script that is doing the API is deleting the object prior to reimporting it.


We have no element to conclude there is a bug in HOPEX on the date.