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Change colors of "components" on building block breakdown report?

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Recent MEGA YouTube video has following screenshot:

Question: How can we get the colors of the components to appear like that?



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@mimperiali THANK YOU!

We have been looking for a report like this!

May I humbly recommend the following - to make it easier to discover and get value from this report:

  • Add this report into your ITBM training course.  Its not there but it absolutely should be!
  • Add this report to ITBM documentation.  Sadly, its not documented, as you can see:



Hi @BenAvdicevic ,

This is a report based on a template called "Capability Assessment Aggregation Report". You can create it from the Reports menu, selecting the appropriate report template.

The color of the capabilities is a result of the aggregated assessment values carried out in the context of a transformation stage.

The report parameters allow to specify:

  1. The interval of assessment to consider in the computation of the aggregated values
  2. The transformation stage to consider
  3. The capability map
  4. The objects you want to display on the capability map (e.g. applications, processes, etc.)
  5. The criteria you want to display on these objects (e.g. risk of obsolescence, etc.)

In my case, the parameters below, give the result shown in the picture (screenshots were taken in a V5CP6)

Hope this helps.




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I figured this out as soon as I posted the question. 

I'll leave this here for reference