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Change Writing access area for all objects

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I have the same problem as described in the post "Change Writing access area of a big set of objects 11-04-2017 01:36pm from mbalme".


We want all users to be attached at writing access area Administrator.


We tried the solution described in the post:

1) Attached all users to writing access ares Administrator --> ok

2) Delete useless writing Access Areas --> ok

3) As previous Writing Access Areas do no longer exist, all objects have the default Writing Access Area 'Administrator' (~C30000mCpCpC[Administrator]) --> ko, the previous writing Access Areas is kept on objects.


We tried this solution on HOPEX V2U3R1 (currently used in production) before testing in HOPEX V4 because we haven't several environments HOPEX V4 in saas. Does this solution work in HOPEX V4 ?


I thank you for your help.

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