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Cataloging Mobile Applications

New Contributor

I am curious how others catalog mobile applications in Hopex.   Different scenarios: 1) when the capability is only available on a mobile device (do you use 1 regular application record?) and 2) when the application is available both as a web app and mobile application.   (do you use 1 regular application record with different Hosting locations?  OR 2 separate application records)

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Hi Peter,

This is one of those awful "It Depends" answers, I'm afraid.

How you do it depends on just how much you need to know or report on the mobile app. If the app is standalone, then it would be better to record it as an Application and capture all the various lifecycle and technology details. If it's a component or a UI for something larger then often a MicroService will suffice. A MicroService can be deployed on its own (i.e. on a phone) and used to describe Application Systems and Applications. Also, it won't show in your Application Inventory.

I hope this helps,


MEGA NA Princpial Consultant