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Can HOPEX create time series graphs?

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Hello HOPEX community,

Often, EAs are interested in tracking portfolio metrics over time.  For example, Number of Business capability fulfilments or # of expired technologies.

Can HOPEX create reports that track defined data over time ?

I did not find any reference to "time series" in documentation.

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Historically, the "Key indicator" feature I was referring to has been developed for the GRC offering, so this documented in the IRM common features documentation see :


in particular, check the automatic computation by query, which should cover your needs.

note :

- from a commercial point of view, as of V5, I think this is only in GRC and BPA.

- the computation by macro requires creating a computation logic ... the menu seems to be missing in BPA ; if required, this would have to be worked around.

hope this helps

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Hi @OLeGuellec 

Thanks for this feedback.  But I'm not sure this is quite what I'm looking for.

For time-series diagrams - you need to store the historical numbers for a metric you define.

Today, i can write a query  that returns # of Applications mapped to (i.e. fulfilling) a Functionality.

But - I can't "store" this value along with the date.

Maybe I misunderstood you - but I'm still not seeing any easy way to do this myself today.

Also - there is nothing documented on this feature , which makes me thing this was not designed into the product.



As long as you have a date in your data set, the standard line chart renderer can be used, distributing the values by this date.

E.g. attached graph of number of processes, by creation date

In some cases the log by date is explicit (e.g. KPIs value measurement, assessments, project or action plan progress monitoring, using creation / modification dates, etc.) but most of the time you'll need a computed value.

Then various approaches are possible for this computation, depending on the need (e.g. browsing the object history of modifications between two dates to count creation / deletions, creating a measure for a KPI at regular interval, etc.)