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Blank Front-End Web Page and HAS Console

MEGA Partner
MEGA Partner


I'm finishing setting up Hopex V5, (it's a new installation), the problem is that I have configured the public address using SSL in IIS and upload the certificate, however, when I enter the HAS Console and the Web Front-End shows me a blank screen. Try entering the IP and hosname of the server in IIS.

Can someone help us with this issue. What would be the reason for this issue and how to fix it?



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MEGA Partner
MEGA Partner

Thanks for the help, if it was possible to solve the error.

MEGA Partner
MEGA Partner


This seems that your address in the HAS console is not according to your SSL certificate - you need to fix this - it will show blank page because HAS cannot communicate with this address on the given port number.



You need to make sure the certificate is issued either in the name of the domain or in the name of the server where IIS is installed - also the binding is correctly configured:



At the end the HAS instance must be created with correct URL as per the SSL certificate.