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BMC CMDB Integration

Did we realize somewhere an integration to BMC CMDB, or is that planned for the next future?

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Hello Peter,

In MEGA 2009 SP5 R7, MEGA CMDB Import tool allows you to import CMDB assets into a MEGA repository.

Objects to import must be described in an XML file whose structure complies with the format defined by the XSD file supplied by MEGA.


The MEGA schema allows importing configuration items from different CMDB tools (BMC, HP, etc.) and thus avoiding discrepancies between versions.



Our standard CMDB Import product delivered with Release 7 enables us to integrate with BMC. We have some early beta testers amongst our US customers, including... BMC Software!

We provide with CMDB Import a standard XML/XSD format for integration with any CMDB product able to generate such a file. BMC and HP are definitely amongst these candidates.