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Assessment Template Answer Computation

MEGA Partner
MEGA Partner
While creating an assessment template for our client, we faced an issue. The values being plugged in by the user in the created questionnaire template are not being registered. No computed value is being output for any scoring rule. Several approaches were taken. 
  1. Scoring Rules using a computing macro: 
    1. the values of the questionnaire answers in the computing macro were null or empty.  Tried several computing macros, but the values were empty and assessment nodes had no values calculated based on the users' answers. Updating macro was used at the same time, but still the attributes were not updated as if no value was being returned. 
    2. As a base case, The assessments were sent to one user only, and even then, no answers were calculated, and attributes were not updated.
  2. Scoring Rule using Answer Value instead of Macro
    1. Each question was connected to one attribute (assessed characteristic), and answer value was used to update the attribute, but again no answer value was registered, and attributes were not updated based on the answers of the questionnaire. 
Questionnaires are being sent correctly and nodes are being created, However answers of questionnaires are not registered and assessed characteristics can't be updated as a result. 
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