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Application Exchange Density Report and the Time Dimension

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In HOPEX V5, Application object has a built-in report called "Application Exchange Density".

It is documented on this page like this:


This report can be displayed in the property page of an application system, an application, an IT service, …
Display the density of exchanges around an application in order to help defining application systems.
The lines display the fact that there is at least one content exchanged between two applications.

Image you have this scenario:
  • "Application A"
    • An Application object 
  • "Application B"
    • An Application object
  • "Application C"
    • An Application Object
  • Application Environment A  - Current State
    • An Application Environment object 
      • Created to capture CURRENT state of Application A
      • Lets assume it show only one flow like this  (A ---flow 1---> B)
  • Application Environment A - TARGET STATE
    • Application Environment object
      • Created to capture TARGET state of Application A.  Lets assume that in TARGET state, Application A has additional flow (flow 2) to Application C
      • Shows two flows
        • A  ---flow1 ---> B
        • A ---flow2 ----> C



If you open Application A and open the "Exchange Density Report",   it will show you  ALL known flows between Application A and other agents. 


The problem is - looking at the report - there is no way to know which exchanges represent CURRENT state and which represent TARGET state..


There is no "Context" filter, for example, so that I can select either CURRENT or TARGET state flows.


Wouldn't it make sense to add "Context" filter to this report , to help with the above described scenario?

Is there a better way of looking at this?



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Thanks for confirming @DaveM .

yes - working with "time dimension" in HOPEX is not trivial.   there doesn't seem to be a great approach -however you manage it.  

I think its generally hard thing to do.   Architecture models are not code.   Git-like management of objects is not the answer also.

I feel if I could add a "time dimension" to the metaassocitations or maybe objects also - it would be helpful.  

LIke, If I draw a flow or an interaction between objects - select "target state" or "candidate 1 state"  or "currrent state". for that object.

Then - you can generate reports like Exchange Density and filter by time dimension.

I realize this is likely too simplistic.   

Hope there is a better way in future to manage this...

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This is the ongoing dilemma of how to show Current vs Future State in HOPEX. To make your scenario work you would need to have Application A Current State be a separate object to Application A Future State - maybe by Duplicating it and keeping versions (version2.0) and/or having it reside in a different Library (or anywhere else that can "namespace" it).

You could also potentially use Logical Applications to describe Future State but then it is more difficult to show the differences.

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Appreciate any input on this.