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How to calculate Obsolescence Risk for SaaS Applications

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We are finding that for our SaaS applications in HOPEX - the Obsolescence Risk is calculated as Unknown.

See screenshot below:


What do other users do for SaaS applications?

  • Do you enter version number and support dates as for on-prem applications?
  • Do you do something else?

Ideally, we would prefer if HOPEX calculated the Obsolescence risk as Low, since SaaS applications don't have that risk.

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We need both behavior because some of those packages may have support date linked to the versions and/or modules you pay for and you use.

Meanwhile, a quick workaround solution could be to define a software technology "SaaS" with proper support date (corresponding to your obsolescence politics) and linked to all of your SaaS applications.
You may create different "templates" (if I may name this software technology a template) corresponding to your different warning levels you want to address.

Hi @PBessodes ,

Thank you so much for response.  

Two feedbacks.

  • Adding SaaS application as Software Technology.   I agree.  We do this for many SaaS applications.
  • Capture support dates for SaaS Software Technology
    • That is the crux of the issue;  we do not capture support dates for SaaS.   It is SaaS.  That is the point - We do not worry about support dates.  Hence - we don't have any support data..   But - we would like Hopex to understand these are SaaS applications - and hence calculate obsolescence risk as "low" or "none".



The usual practice is to define a software technology representing your SaaS application ("business package"). Your own use (with your parameters and potential personalizations)  should then be an application based on this technology. You need to capture support dates for the technology and then obsolescence risk should be calculated the standard way for your application.

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Would appreciate any insights from anyone who's had to deal with this question before.