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Application Rank & Number of Users Input

MEGA Partner
MEGA Partner

Dear All HOPEX Expert!

I'm having a lot of trouble finding the right field or location to input the Application Rank and Number of Users in an Application Object, even though when I open the application inventory the information is already available and when I try to double click to edit it can't be done.

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Hi Sir @mimperiali 

Thank you very much for your response and your solution for me, after quickly read, understanding and directly to try in my Sandbox, finally my concern related both of them it works!

Thank You, Yaaa 🙂 



Hi @Eryanto07,
Rank is a computed value. It originates from the application latest assessment.
Here's how to assess an application:

Here are more details on the computation of the rank (if you hover your mouse on the label within HOPEX you  get the same info):

Regarding the number of users, they must be defined under the application installations section.
Here's the doc explaining how to do it:

Hope this helps.